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Lattice steel plate
Escalators Pedal
Use scope
Production process

The company lattice grid plate steel plate from a welder GYH-1600-2D completed, the aircraft is computer controlled.DC welding-rod pressure, high efficiency equipment capacity, the machine is barrier (twisting steel) manually, automatically sent.Flat automatically sent manually every two automatic welding root barrier, the barrier before the second interval welding automationAutomatic welding distortion correction function.Console with both manual and automatic mode selection, refrigerators with a current and voltage display devices.welding parameter setting can be stored PLC (Offline not lost), the intelligent use of various parameters set figures show thatbarrier of "side-stepping" accurate dimensions, the equipment is easy to operate, thus a solid plate-like spot.pore surface of the rectangular grid plate.
Advanced equipment is a powerful guarantee for the quality of products

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